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Musée du Louvre
Versailles Palace -  Image Copyright and it's owners.
Pont Alexandre III and views of the rooftops of Paris -  Image Copyright and it's owners.
Pastries from A la Flûte Enchantée Paris
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  • Day at Musee Du Louvre

    Day at Musee Du Louvre

    Day at Musee Du Louvre… Day at Musée du Louvre French Connection circle skirt 76
  • Walk In Paris

    Walk In Paris

    Take a Walk in Paris with this beautiful outfit… Walk in Paris Alice Olivia alice
  • Bonne Nuit Paris

    Bonne Nuit Paris

    Goodnight Paris!   Bonne Nuit Paris Babydoll lingerie 84 AUD - Simone Perele lace thong 47
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  • French Onion Soup Recipe

    French Onion Soup Recipe

    This French Onion Soup recipe is a true winter warmer for the French at heart. French Onion Soup originates from France in the 18th century, traditionally made from beef broth, and caramelised onions. Onions were simple to grow and plentiful in earlier periods when other food sources was scarce. Our recipe uses a chicken stock [...]

  • Lunch in Paris

    Lunch in Paris

    Croque Monsieurs, baguettes with Camembert, tarts, delicious pastries and coffee crème- mmm… Lunch in Paris is a delightful experience. Reminiscing about my travels to Paris I decided to create a fashion board to represent what I think would be the perfect outfit  to wear for a Lunch in Paris during the Autumn season.   Lunch [...]