7 Ways to Finance a Trip to Paris for Two

So you want to visit Paris, France but have no idea how to finance your dream trip. You might be thinking “Oh, I’ll never be able to go there, it’s far too expensive” or “I’ll go to Paris one day” but never make a plan to actually go. Well, I’m a strong believer in making things happen and I’m going to help you brainstorm ideas as to how you’re going to set your travel goals and set foot in Paris in 1 year from now or less with the help of our top 7 Ways to Finance a Trip to Paris for Two.

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If you are going to Paris alone, it will generally be much cheaper. But usually you’d want to go with your partner or a friend. It generally costs about $4,000-$5,000 AUD per person to visit Paris for a week depending on where you live in the world and current prices. The biggest costs will be flights and accommodation. I’m from Australia and it cost my husband and I $2,200 per ticket through Etihad Airways (they are fantastic, highly recommended).

So let me break it down for you; for 2 people for 7 nights (on a budget);

  • Flights – $2,200 AUD per person return Economy (From Australia)
  • Accommodation (3-4 stars) – Average $229 AUD per night  (total $1,603 AUD for 7 nights)
  • Transport, Museums, and Monuments- $400 AUD
  • Food/Restaurants/Cafes – $1,500 AUD
  • Spending Money – $1000 ($500 each) AUD

That’s a total of $8,903 AUD for two people to visit Paris for one Amazing week in a 3-4 star hotel. Flights can cost a lot less if you purchase your tickets during a sale or if you live in a much closer country to France than Australia. Many people don’t even take the step to consider visiting any city outside their country. You are now one step ahead of the rest already and one step closer to realising your dream of visiting Paris.

Now you have an idea of how much it would cost to visit Paris, but how in the world are you going to finance your dream holiday? Below are some great tips and ideas.

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7 Ways to Finance a Trip to Paris for two

1. Save!!! Well, that’s an obvious one. Let’s say a trip to Paris for two people for 7 nights will cost on average $8,903 AUD. If you both saved a total of $171 per week (that’s only $86 per week each) for 1 year, you would have to money to visit Paris.

2. Garage Sale – It’s astounding how much junk we collect over time. Another person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Statistics show that the average household hords about $ 5,065.59 AUD (£3,500) worth of unused items (Daily Mail). Hmmm… that’s a lot unused stuff that could be sold to help pay a chunk of your trip to Paris.

3. eBay – Have you ever heard of Sophia Amoruso? No? Well, she is the founder of Nasty Gal, a vintage clothing line she began when she was 22 years old selling second hand gear from St. Vinnie’s on eBay for a profit. She has an estimated Net Worth of $250 Million and growing. Thousands of eBayers have found their fortunes online, so why not you? You could sell things on eBay part-time which would definitely give you more cash to put into your Paris Fund tin.

4. Freelance Writing – If you have a passion for writing and you are good at it, then freelance work might just be the thing for you. There are many places online where you can find freelance writing work. Some of the most popular websites are Elance.com and Odesk.com.

5. Odd Jobs – Lawn Mowing, gardening, pool cleaning, chimney sweeping, house cleaning, child minding (Blue Card needed) or ironing. If you have the know-how, then go for it. Put fliers in the mailboxes around your neighborhood and earn some extra cash to put toward your travel goal of visiting Paris.

6. Use your Talent or Skill – Cake Decorating, Craft Classes, Sewing, Tech Advice, Weekend Personal Training Business, Fixing Computers, the list goes on. You would be surprised at how much extra cash you can make by using your talents and skills. Everyone has something to offer.

7. Blogging/Online Business – There are so many ways to make money online and I honestly wouldn’t recommend starting an online business unless it is truly something you really want to do and you are willing to put in the yards to make it succeed. I’ve been blogging and running online businesses on and off for about 8 years and I do it because I love it, I love connecting with my readers and I love writing. If you already have a website or blog you could start earning money with Affiliate Marketing (Cj.com, Amazon.com, or Clickbank.com just to name a few trustworthy programs), Google AdSense or selling your own services or products. The opportunities are endless.


Visiting Paris is just something you have to experience in life even if you can only go for a week. I find that having a vision board covered in pictures of Paris and the things you want to experience can help you stay focused on your desires. Have a plan, follow it, stay focused on your dream and you will get there. I promise! Make it your goal to visit Paris within one year. You will be surprised at what you can achieve.


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Paris Opera Architecture



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  1. Marney A. says:

    Thanks so much Stacey for inspiring me to actually make plans to go to Paris. I’ve always wanted to go but thought it would be too expensive. But when you break it down like that, it seems achievable! Paris, here I come :D I’ve decided to go for Christmas next year with a friend of mine. Thanks again

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