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Bienvenue! Welcome to Frenchatheart.net – a travel, food, and French culture blog.

Who are we? My name is Stacey and my husband is Marcel and we have a passion for travel and all things French! FrenchatHeart.net brings people together from all over the world in a shared passion for all things French including French Cuisine and Recipes,  Traveling France, Reviews, French Culture, Fashion, DIY French Projects, News and Entertainment, French Décor, Books, and Movies.

In 2011 we headed to France for a holiday and came back inspired and in awe of the country, especially the cities of Paris and Versailles. This site is a reflection of the things we have seen and learned in France, as well as a place to find information and items on a variety of French topics.

My husband and I currently live in Australia with our kids but will be heading to Europe to live in a couple of years. Marcel is from Germany and has traveled many beautiful European countries such as Germany (of course), France, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, and Hungary.

About Stacey

Stacey Trick  is the Founder and Owner of FrenchAtHeart.net. With a long time passion for Travel, Food, Writing and all things French, Stacey started her website with the intention of inspiring like-minded people all over the world to French-ify their lifestyles. Stacey’s passion for what she does shows through the continual growth of FrenchAtHeart.net’s online community.

Stacey is studying a Bachelor of Arts (Writing and Publishing), is a travel and food writer, professional blogger, and has extensive experience with professional cake decorating and internet based businesses/blogs/websites. After her degree she intends to undertake a Master of Arts (Writing) and a Graduate Certificate in World Historical Studies.

This site has been designed for the French at Heart who desire to indulge themselves in the beauty and elegance of all things French. Follow Stacey and FrenchAtHeart.net on Facebook.

Stacey is also a book editor, feature writer,  blogger and BookTuber.

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