Best Tarte aux Fraises in Paris

Best Tarte aux Fraises in Paris, Tarte aux Fraises, Strawberry tart, Pastries from A la Flûte Enchantée Paris

Pastries from A la Flûte Enchantée Paris

When my husband and I went Paris, I experienced the most divine thing I had ever eaten and what I would call the Best Tarte aux Fraises in Paris. On our last day we sent off a few postcards to family and set off to find a boulangerie. We came across A La Flûte Enchantée in the 16th arrondissement. We bought a few lovely French pastries but one in particular stood out to me, the Tarte aux Fraises.

A Tarte aux Fraises simply means a strawberry tart in English. It was so delicious. It consists of a biscuit base filled with pastry custard cream, topped with fresh strawberries and a strawberry jelly glaze.

I have a passion for cooking french food, so this scrumptious Strawberry tart is definitely on my list of new things to attempt. I have tried others, even here in Australia, and nothing comes close to the one from A La Flûte Enchantée in Paris.

If you are ever in Paris, you really must try a Tarte aux Fraises from A La Flûte Enchantée.



A La Flûte Enchantée
7, av. Mozart,
Paris 16e


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