Lunch in Paris

Croque Monsieurs, baguettes with Camembert, tarts, delicious pastries and coffee crème- mmm… Lunch in Paris is a delightful experience. Reminiscing about my travels to Paris I decided to create a fashion board to represent what I think would be the perfect outfit  to wear for a Lunch in Paris during the Autumn season.


Lunch in Paris

Precis Petite petite cardigan
58 AUD - houseoffraser.co.uk

Tory burch
205 AUD - toryburch.com

Christian Louboutin nude heel pumps
620 AUD - cricket-fashion.com

Christian louboutin
1 920 AUD - net-a-porter.com


If you can’t make it to Paris for lunch, why not create your own déjeuner. Check out our French lunch recipes such as the Croque Madame Muffins.

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